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Photo Booth Features

All our photo booths have the following features at no additional cost. If there is anything you don’t like the sound of then please ask and we can disable it.


Touch Screen technology

Touch Screen

Inside each of our photo booths is a touch screen display.  From these your party goers can trigger the various booth functions from an easy-to-use menu system designed for people of all ages.


Prop BoxProp Box

We will arrive at your venue with a suitcase packed full of props.  We carry an eclectic range of weird and wonderful accessories including hats, glasses, masks, moustaches and lips on sticks, quirky signs, speech bubbles and general silliness! Want to be a cowboy? We’ve got you covered.  


Green ScreenGreen Screen

Our Curved Booth and Open Air Photo Studio have green screen technology enabling us to put any background in your pictures!

You simply supply us with a digital image of the back ground you want to display in your prints! it’s that simple.

When your guests enter the booth they will see the chosen background in the photo booth screen enabling them to interact with it before the camera takes the picture.

The booth can be set to print the same back ground image on all 4 pictures, or you can have 4 different back ground images for each camera shot as shown making your photo booth hire that little bit extra fun.

Here’s a lovely example of a green screen photo:



High Defination CameraHigh Definition Camera

All Our booths are fitted with the latest printing technology and high resolution digital cameras providing the highest quality prints.  All photos will be provided on disc and we can also add the images to our Facebook page or to a password protected area on our website.

Online GalleryOnline Gallery

Your guests will be able to view all of the event photos, order reprints, or download files to make their own prints through your own personal password protected gallery. Of course, you will have the final say on everything that goes into your gallery, so no worries if you happen upon some, shall we say, regrettable poses!


Facebook UploadFacebook Upload

All our photo booths have the ability to instantly upload photos to your Facebook page.  This is a free service but we only activate it at your request.  Before the hire period starts we will need you to log into your Facebook account, after this, each photo taken will be appear within a new album on your Facebook page.  A great way to show friends who couldn’t make your event, what they are missing out on!


iPad UploadiPad Upload (photo sharing)

We provide access to an iPad where your guests can view their photos and, should they wish, upload them to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds, or if they’re old skool send them by email.  It’s really easy to use and could mean your event could go viral while it’s still in full flow!

Modern Printing TechnologyModern Printing Technology

With our booths your guest won’t be left waiting around.  Our high quality prints will be available within just 7 – 10 seconds, using the latest photo printers.



Our super friendly and professional attendants will be on hand to take care of everything from explaining how the booth operates, assisting with props and pose ideas and getting every last party goer in on the fun. They will also take care of assembling the guest book if you have selected this option with your booking.


Live MonitorLive Monitor

For each of the booths we have an external monitor which can be used to display to live footage from inside the booth to the people waiting outside.  This always creates laughter and is a fun way to prepare people for what to expect inside.  The monitor can be disabled if requested.